Corporate Wellness

Are you looking for a wellness tool that your employees can access anywhere and anytime?

Empower’s self-massage video tutorials are a perfect way to address both physical and emotional stressors. They feature simple, meditative and effective self-massage techniques, begin and end with breath work, and utilize gentle movements and stretches. 

These videos will help provide a relaxing and meditative respite from desk work, and can help address some of the physical and emotional consequences that we accrue through work. They make a fantastic wellness benefit for employees of all kinds.

The lower back and shoulder videos both use a self-massage ball. In the video, we use the brand Yoga Tune Up, but you can also use a tennis or lacrosse ball. Our menu of services includes self-massage balls for purchase.

To begin, feel free to view this intro video:

 If you’d like to sample a video, chat about our menu of services or make a purchase for your business or organization, please email Emily at